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  Project Management

Project Management

Learn to plan tasks and lead a team in the execution and completion of a...
  UI/UX Design

UX Design

Learn to create paper and digital designs that make interaction enjoyable and accessible for users....

IT Support

Learn the basics of computer hardware, software, and networking in preparation for providing customer support. ...

IT Automation With Python

Learn to program and use Python for automation tasks, to troubleshoot and debug with Git...

Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Learn to use various digital tools to reach, attract and retain customers.   Understand digital marketing...
  Analytics & Data

Data Analytics

Learn how to collect, transform and organize raw data to draw conclusions.   Understand processes used...
  Basic Digital Skill

Remote Work 101

Learn remote work skills including connecting and Collaborate From Anywhere with Digital Tools…

Online Business 101

Learn how to build prototypes in Sketch. Find out how to prototype an image carousel...

Google Workspace 101

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